Feeding Your Chakras: part 1

By far one of the best things you can do to help ensure your chakra system is balanced and healthy, is to find as many opportunities as you can to meditate. However, we all know that our lives can be challenging, hectic, and fast paced, and there may not always be enough time. Practicing mindfulness can help, and it is something that can be done at any time, and in any location you might be in at the time. Sitting in your office. On a short break from a meeting. Riding the subway or train home from work. Even when stopped at a red light or during heavy traffic on the freeway. The more mindful you are, the more freely your energies will flow, keeping your chakras clean and clear. But there is one more way you can feed your spiritual body and provide it with the energy it demands.


By now you’re already aware that everything in our reality is made from energy, and it all converts back into energy at some point in time. Trees. Plants. Rocks. People. Animals. Everything comes from energy, and returns to energy. Which makes the food that you eat not just beneficial for your physical body, but for your spiritual body, too. When we eat food that is healthy, free from chemicals, and as close to its original source as possible, both our physical body and our spiritual body thrive. Likewise, when we eat food that is heavily processed, laden with chemicals or additives, or full of dead energy, our physical and spiritual bodies suffer.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

– Michael Pollan

Therefore, eating a fresh tomato picked right from your garden would be more nutritious than eating the same tomato that had been sent to a factory and canned. The longer the amount of time it takes to reach you, or the higher the level of processing that takes place, the less energy it will have. It’s as simple as that. Not convinced yet? Let me give you one example, and probably one that you may be very familiar with. Chocolate.

You probably know that chocolate is made from cocoa, and cocoa comes from the cacao bean. Raw cacao is cold-pressed, which removes the cacao butter, but saves all of the nutrients and the living enzymes that provide all of those wonderful antioxidants you may have heard that chocolate is supposed to provide. Cocoa powder, on the other hand, is roasted at high temperatures, effectively killing the enzymes, changing the molecular structure, and lowering the overall nutritional value. Same bean – different methods of processing. One is beneficial for you, the other just tastes good.

Every food item we eat is the same. The longer it takes to get to you and the more processed it is by the time you consume it, the less value it has. In the next part of this series, I will be looking at specific foods for each of the seven chakras, and I’ll include a recipe or two for each one. See you again soon! Be well.

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