Feeding Your Chakras: Part 4, The Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra

Welcome to the third stop on our Feeding Your Chakras journey. We’ve made it up to the Manipura Chakra, which is the base of all of our power. It’s our body’s stronghold, our fortress. The word, Manipura, translates as ‘city of shining jewels’. Just like the castles of myth and legend, this fortress in our solar plexus holds an inestimable fortune; our sense of self.

It is from this chakra that we set our personal boundaries, our ‘perimeter defenses’ if you will, and these boundaries are important, because this is the place where all change and personal growth begins. Like the legendary Phoenix, these changes happen through the element of fire, which is the element that represents this chakra. For us to change, we must first burn. The more brightly we burn, the faster and further our transformation takes us. This is why we must always be open to change, even change that is painful or difficult.

Meditating on a candle flame, or a log fire on a cold winter night, is one of the best ways to connect to your Manipura. And since the location of this chakra is closest to the part of our body that handles digestion, practicing conscious, meditative eating is another great activity to help cleanse and prepare this chakra to open more fully.

As far as foods, the Manipura loves spices, and the hotter the better. Black pepper, cayenne, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, hot paprika, chilies, and spicy curries are all good ones to keep on hand. Anything that wakes up your tongue is perfect! The same holds true for seeds. Fennel, anise, and cumin, for example, are all seeds that have a strong, distinct flavor. Finally, complex carbs like rice, oats, millet, pasta, bread, or muesli. Here are five of my favorite meals that support the Manipura:

This finishes the last of the three lower chakras, the ones that are more earth-bound, grounding, and aid in our ability to connect with our physical world. In the next post, we will move one more chakra up, visiting the Anahata, or the Heart Chakra. Get ready to generate some love! And, as always, Namaste and Bon Appetit!

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