Feeding Your Chakras: Part 5, The Anahata (Heart Center) Chakra

Ah, the fourth stop; our heart center. By far my favorite chakra to work on. Why? Because all you need to open your heart chakra is love. Not the kind of love that you see in Hollywood movies, or on sitcoms, but the kind of love that never tires, never ceases, and never expects anything in return. This is the place where dreams are made, and this is the place where our spiritual and physical realms touch.

The Heart Center Chakra transforms spiritual energy into physical energy, and vice versa. This allows our thoughts to become words, our words to become actions, and our actions to create change in the world. It is also within this chakra that our prana, or life force, finds its home. Having a fully open heart chakra, allows feelings of being grounded, and yet still feeling as free as a bird.

Meditations that focus on the lower three chakras, also affect the heart center, for it is only by being grounded in our own self-image, by accepting ourselves regardless of our ‘flaws’ or shortcomings, that we can truly hold a pure, unconditional, and boundless love for another being. Likewise, meditations that focus on the upper three chakras affect the heart center, too. Pure love does not come from the physical realm, it comes from prana, from the miasma of invisible energies that stitch our universe together.

As for the foods that help support this chakra, you will want foods that are rich in bright, leafy green herbs. Parsley, basil, oregano, coriander, and marjoram to name just a few. Here are just a few recipes I have created to help support the heart chakra.

I hope by now you’ve tried at least one or two of these recipes! They really are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. Coming up in the next issue of this blog series, we will move into our first spiritually centered chakra, and learn all about the foods that help support the place from which the most powerful magic we can ever wield resides. Until then, Namaste, and Bon Appetit!

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