Feeding Your Chakras: Part 6, The Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra

By far the most magical thing we can ever do as humans, is to speak. When we put words forth into the world, they have an impact over just about every other thing. Our words can heal, hurt, bring together, tear apart, create, or destroy; and we alone hold the power to determine which we want to happen, to whom, and when. We even carry the ability to hold back our words, to never speak at all, or even to engage in union with others to create even more powerful words.

The throat chakra is the place where this magic begins. An open, flowing, responsive Vishuddha allows us to speak clearly, and to have our words understood. When this chakra is blocked or closed, others have difficulty understanding what it is we are trying to say. Our words may come out more harsh than we intended, or we may say something we really didn’t mean.

And it’s not just our spoken words, but written words too. It can even effect our facial expressions, body language, and the gestures we use. In essence, this chakra helps or hinders our communication in all of its forms. Which means we not only need to take care when we speak, but in every moment that we are in any type of conversation. Clearing this chakra is of utmost importance for anyone who is seeking to progress on their spiritual path.

So which foods help open, soothe, protect and strengthen the spiritual powers of this important chakra? Liquids, mostly. Pure water (not tap water, but distilled, purified or spring water). Tea, preferably herbal tea. Infused water works, too, as long as it is made with organic fruits/herbs and pure water. Finally, soups and sauces, especially those with lots of herbs.

Here’s a few other recipes that would be good for the throat:

Take care of your throat chakra, and you’ll be amazed at how much easier your life will become, just by your communication being clear, concise, and empowering. As we move up to the Third Eye chakra in the next edition of this series, you will see how having a strong sense of self and clearing all negative self-talk is the key to finding the peace and abundant life you’ve always believed was yours to have. Namaste, and Bon Appetit!

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