Feeding Your Chakras: Part 8, The Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

Today’s post bring us to our final chakra, the Sahasrara, otherwise known as the Crown Chakra. Though there is no true ‘destination’ in terms of the spiritual journey, if there was a point in which the individual would be considered to have ‘arrived’, the opening of this chakra would be that point. This is our mystical center, the point in which we commune with the cosmos, and the place where enlightenment begins.

There are two things that are certain to happen when someone opens their Crown Chakra and enters enlightenment. The first of these is that the ego will have been completely eradicated from the psyche, meaning the individual will no longer identify themselves as being separate, unique, different, apart. And if there is no identification with the self, then the second thing that will happen, is the individual will not realize they have become enlightened. With no self to be enlightened, all that will be left is the purest peace, and immense love.

This is the destination that every individual who sets off on a spiritual journey desires to find. This is heaven, nirvana, samadhi, paradise. To achieve this state removes none of the ‘human-ness’ of being human, it simply adds the divine. The individual will still look and behave (at least physically) as they always have, they will simply have different perspectives on the nature and function of life.

The foods that help this chakra to more readily and more fully open, are those that fall into a whole food, plant based diet. Foods heavy in starches, fats, and most animal products tend to gum up or calcify the chakras, specifically the two uppermost chakras. This makes it more difficult to awaken, or to progress to the higher vibrational energies that are associated with an enlightened life. Even with a full vegan diet, it is still important to stay away from too much starch, sweets, alcohol, or glutens. These, besides being unhealthy, can also affect the upper chakras in a negative fashion.

Here are a few recipes that are plant based, light, and easily digested, allowing your body to focus on items of spiritual nature, rather than physical.

By far the most dramatic impact you can make on your mental, physical, and – as we just read – spiritual health, is to remove all animal products from your diet, and to eat only plant-based recipes. If you can, eliminate sugars, heavy oils and fats, alcohol, tobacco, and any other unhealthy habits you may have. Clearing these out of our system allows for our energy to be light, free, and healthy – all of which are necessary if we are going to learn to vibrate at the highest frequency. Namaste and Bon Apetit!

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